The 31st IFSCC Congress 2020 Yokohama

The 31st IFSCC Congress 2020 Yokohama

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*In-person congress was canceled and switched to a virtual congress.

The 31st IFSCC Congress 2020 Yokohama

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1. Cutting Edge Life Science
2. Future Formulation and Function
3. Novel Concepts


Beauty & Happiness - Pushing Boundaries
The 31st IFSCC Congress 2020 Yokohama

I am delighted to announce the first IFSCC Virtual Congress 2020 Yokohama during October 21-30, 2020.
It will feature an online distinguished lecture given by the Nobel Prize Winner Yoshinori Ohsumi, Ph.D., more than 70 oral and over 500 poster presentations, available on-demand so that you can view them anytime you wish.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to cancel in-person congress in Yokohama, Japan and hold a virtual congress. This has been an exceptionally difficult decision, but the safety and health of our community are more important.

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan (SCCJ), the host of the Congress of 2020, is an academic society with a membership of over 1,800 chemists and a history of over 70 years. We have had the pleasure to host the IFSCC Congress three times. With a most sincere heart, we are looking forward to your attendance to the 31st IFSCC Virtual Congress 2020 Yokohama.

With this new attempt, we aim to take a big step into a bright future by holding a successful virtual academic congress and assure you an exciting, exceptional experience.
Let us all take the opportunity to network virtually in this difficult year, among the theme ‘Beauty and Happiness- Pushing Boundaries’!

I would also like to thank you for your understanding and patience while we are working on unfolding further details of the 31st IFSCC congress and its transformation to a virtual format.

Yoichi Shimatani
President of the Organizing Committee
of the IFSCC Congress 2020 Yokohama
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