The 31st IFSCC Congress 2020 Yokohama Virtual Congress

The 31st IFSCC Congress 2020 Yokohama

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Japanese Cultural Tour

ShakkyoNoh : Japanese Traditional Performing ArtOrganizing by YAMAMOTO Noh Theater
Shakkyo (The Stone Bridge)

One of the most heroic and gorgeous plays in Noh
Story  The white lion represents a dignified parent, and the red lion represents a young and energetic child. A monk, Jakusho (Waki), is traveling around China to visit the places associated with Buddha. One day in China, he arrives at a long, narrow and also slippery stone bridge in Mount Shoryozen. The height of the valley is about 3000 meters. It seems impossible for any human being to cross this type of bridge. It was built by nature. As he tries to cross the bridge, a boy woodcutter, (Mae-Shite), appears. The boy tells Jakusho that the land beyond this bridge is the Pure Land belonging to Manjusri Bodhisattva and that crossing this bridge arching over a deep gorge is not easy for humans (indicating the difficulty of Buddhist ascetic training). The boy suggested for the monk to stay at the bridge, and then he disappears.
From the other side of the bridge, lions appear (the sacred beast), as the messenger of Manjusri Bodhisattva. The lions dance and play with gorgeous, fragrant peony flowers for the celebration of eternity.

KenbuJapanese Traditional Sword PerformancePerformance by DAISHINRYU

It is said that DAISHINRYU sword performance in Japan originated in BUGAKU and KAGURA, or sacred music at shrines dating back to the Nara and Heian periods. It is theorized that the modern-day sword performance, which is performed to the beat of Gin-ei recitation, was started by Kengo Sakakibara, SAMURAI, after the Meiji Restoration. In those days, martial arts practitioners used to hold swordmanship matches, and when they performed a sword performance as an entertainment, it received a favorable reputation. After World War II, he combined his artistry with IAIDO as a theatrical entertainment to produce excellent performances throughout Japan.
DAISHINRYU Japanese Sword performs a dance incorporated with an "authentic swordsmanship" which is meant to protect the Emperor, while succeeding a swordplay style of the Imperial Guard Division.

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