ifscc Yokohama 2020

Let’s go to Japan in 2020!  What can you find in Japan?


Beauty & Happiness - Pushing Boundaries
The 31st IFSCC Congress 2020 Yokohama, 20-23 October 2020

New possibilities are created when new technologies and new materials from around the world come together. These new possibilities are something beyond our imagination; something beyond our boundaries. What happens when a rich diversity of cultures and traditions meet? New ideas, new hope, and new beauty are born. A new page in the history of cosmetics will be written. Come and join us and witness this moment in the beautiful city of Yokohama.

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan (SCCJ), the host of the Congress of 2020, is an academic society with a membership of over 1,600 chemists and a history of over 70 years. We have had the pleasure to host the IFSCC Congress three times. As before, we are fully committed to welcoming you and making the Congress of 2020 another successful and fruitful event.

Dear fellow cosmetic scientists around the world, let us meet in Yokohama in 2020 and exchange ideas in order to push the boundaries of cosmetics science. Let us join hands to create more beauty and happiness in the world. Beauty makes people happy; happiness makes people beautiful. With a most sincere heart,

Yoichi Shimatani

we are looking forward to seeing you in Yokohama in 2020.

Host CityYokohama - the starting point of Japan’s modernization

Facing the Tokyo Bay, Yokohama is a tranquil harbour city forming a part of the Greater Tokyo Area; just half an hour away from the capital Tokyo.

Yokohama is the first harbour city introduced to the world as the door to Japan.

Since the time its port was opened, Yokohama has acquired new cultures and new knowledge including western medical science from foreign lands and has introduced to Japan its many “first”; thereby earning its title as the birthplace of Japan’s modern culture.

Now, the city has grown to become the second largest city in Japan with over 3.7 million in population.

Yokohama Official Visitors' Guide

Venue“PACIFICO Yokohama”

Venue: “PACIFICO Yokohama” The venue, PACIFICO Yokohama is the largest and No.1 convention complex in Japan equipped with the functions and a directly connected hotel, InterContinental Yokohama Grand to meet every requirement of IFSCC.

It serves as a central facility in the convention area with over 6,300 hotel rooms, large shopping malls with a variety of entertainment, and dining options within walking distance.

It has successfully hosted the APEC Leaders Meeting in 2010 welcoming over 10,000 delegates from around the world.


The venue will be held in Yokohama!  It is a city where East meets West!

Yokohama Official Visitors' Guide   PACIFICO Yokohama